What is CorpoSana Capital ?

CorpoSana Capital is a private company that offers financing and advisory services in corporate management. In our capacity as investment fund managers, whether through FIER Innovation Durable s.e.c. or FIER Croissance Durable s.e.c., - both limited partnerships - we have committed ourselves to support the development and growth of companies in Quebec and across Canada by giving them access to a source of capital that favours industrial innovation, growth in productivity and the creation of specialized jobs.

With some $30 million of capital already under management, our investment company favours investing in companies that operate in the technological and commercial area, using a sustainable development approach.

Our Team

Our team possesses sound expertise and undeniable entrepreneurial experience, offering the assurance that you would be doing business with a partner who understands your needs and preoccupations.

Our reason for being
in business

CorpoSana Capital has given itself as its prime mission to offer visionary entrepreneurs who are concerned about our quality of life and environment, financial, professional and human support. In this way, we would like to support initiatives that come from responsible companies in the social and environmental area while being able to offer our investor-partners an interesting return on their investment.
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