Alain Boissonneault

Alain Boissonneault


Alain Boissonneault has worked in the area of corporate financial management and direction for over 22 years. During his career, he has occupied several important posts in the area of finance, general management, accounting, corporate and legal affairs and human resource management. Alain has a great deal of experience in terms of financing, start-ups, acquisitions, sales and company mergers as well as having conducted numerous diligent auditing exercises and putting into place many financial structures.

His professional experiences have led him to work in many Canadian provinces, the US northeast, South America and France.

His rigorous approach and ability to link the financial and legal aspects together have allowed him to be a key player with company shareholders and administrators, business partners, in-house managers as well as be a major factor in negotiating and revising major contracts and managing critical issues.

In recent years, Alain has worked as a director, officer, member of various steering and executive committees as well as being a shareholder and board member of private and public companies in Canada and in France. Alain holds a Bachelor degree in administration, systems and accounting from the Université de Sherbrooke.

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