Presentation of CorpoSana Capital’s
investment criteria

  1. Competence and quality of the leadership team
    The quality of the promoter and the team leaders represents, without question, the cornerstone of the success of the company. We are looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate and competent and supported by a solid team of managers.
  2. Market and profitability
    We are looking for companies that have a competitive advantage in terms of their products and services and which operate in a market that shows strong growth potential. In addition, the development prospects must rest on a feasible and profitable business model that permits generating minimum recurring annual sales in the order of $1 million.
  3. Amounts invested
    The investment made is between $250,000 and $1 million (per fund). If the development of the company justifies it, CorpoSana Capital could increase its participation as part of subsequent rounds of investment.
  4. Withdrawal
    The investment is made within a 5-year withdrawal horizon (on average) and the expected return must reasonably reach 15%.
  5. Business plan
    To be properly analysed, the project must be accompanied by a business plan that is well articulated and realistic, clearly presenting the company’s overall strategy. The business plan must also demonstrate that the investment proposal falls within our investment policy.

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