This is how you submit a request for financing assistance to CorpoSana Capital.

Please complete this project presentation file :

The business plan is the most important document that the entrepreneur can supply. It must explain the company concept, identify its objectives, describe the resources that are required and clearly present the overall strategy needed to make the company a success.

The business plan that is presented must be complete, concise and intelligible. It must include the following essential elements:

  • a summary of the principal points of the business plan;
  • a description of the company (mission, objectives, strategies) ;
  • a presentation of the founders and the management team;
  • a description of the management and achievement of its R and D ;
  • a description of the products, procedures, technologies and intellectual property;
  • a description of the sector of activity, including an analysis of the competition and the market;
  • a description of the environmental and social aspects of the company;
  • a description of current and future products and the commercialisation strategy;
  • a forecast of the required financial and human resources;
  • a projection and description of the funding desired/ the funding vehicle desired;
  • a timetable for achieving the goals.

Complementary documents: In addition to the business plan, the entrepreneur must first supply the following complementary documents so that a proper analysis can be done:

  • curriculum vitae of the principal managers and founders;
  • list of the current financial and human resources;
  • annual financial statements for the last three years;
  • recent internal financial statement;
  • a budget for the year in process (pro forma).

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