Creating a complete business plan
for a request for funding

The business plan is the most important document that the entrepreneur can furnish. In addition to making the case that the project for investment fits in well with our investment policy, the business plan must be a body of work that is complete, concise and coherent.

To be complete, the business plan must include the following principal elements :
  • a summary of the principal points of the business plan;
  • a description of the company;
  • a presentation of the senior management team;
  • a description of the products, procedures, technologies and intellectual property;
  • a description of the sector of activities, including an analysis of the competition;
  • a market study that presents the commercialisation strategy;
  • a forecast of what is needed in financial, technical and human resources;
  • a timetable;
  • a description of the company’s environmental and social aspects.

During the initial demand, the entrepreneur must furnish the following information and documents so that the analysis can begin :
  • project presentation form;
  • curriculum vitae of the principal leaders and founders;
  • list of the current financial, technical and human resources;
  • amount of funding needed and the vehicle required;
  • last audited and pro forma financial statements;
  • request for registration and certificate of constitution;
  • send two paper copies of the business plan and back-up computer copy (CD-ROM o e-mail)

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