The process of
financing a company

  1. Preliminary meeting
    We always prefer a direct meeting with the representatives of the companies we support. Accordingly, the entrepreneur is invited to communicate at the beginning of the process with the CorpoSana Capital team which will then advise him or her about how to go about making the preparations and formulation of the project.
  2. Signature of an exclusive confidentiality agreement
    To ensure protection for the company and confidentiality on the technical and financial aspects of the project, including intellectual property, an exclusive confidentiality agreement is signed at the beginning of the exchanges between the two parties.
  3. Analysis of the acceptance of the submission and demand for information to open a file After receiving the project presentation form from the promoter we will first of all conduct a summary analysis of the project. We will evaluate the adequacy of the characteristics of the proposed project against the evaluation criteria.
  4. Detailed evaluation of the business plan and the social, environmental and financial aspects of the project.
    A thorough study of the project is then carried out by our team of professionals to evaluate the different risks inherent in carrying out the project.
  5. Deposit of a conditional letter of intent
    After a favourable evaluation of the business plan, CorpoSana Capital will meet with the promoter to establish the conditions that are attached to the investment and submit, if appropriate, a conditional letter of intent.
  6. Approval
    Following acceptance of the conditions by the company, the project is deposited with the board of directors of the fund concerned for its final approval.
  7. Letter of offer and closing the investment
    The issuing of a letter of offer by one of the CorpoSana Capital funds follows the final approval. This letters draws up the essential business elements and the agreements which both parties will enter into.

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