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CADENS Imaging
Jean-Pierre Robert
CADENS Imaging, a division and trademark registered by Drop Of Genius Microsystems Inc. (DOG Microsystems) is an emerging company that operates in the field of computer aided diagnostics for medical imagery. CADENS Imaging, a spinoff of the Université de Sherbrooke, conceives, develops and will soon commercialise the first portable medical aid product for computer assisted diagnostics integrating a material part (dedicated electronics) and a computer part (user graphic interface and specific treatment for medical imagery).

Their products combine together with different medical imagery acquisitions systems: X-rays, ultrasounds, magnetic resonance and positron emissions (PET Scan). Their computers notably serve in physical property extraction and identifying the forms which describe human organs (morphology of biological tissues) as well as identifying and extracting abnormal forms such as tumours, fractures, etc.)

The sectors of activity include colonoscopy and virtual endoscopy, surgical planning, general radiology, cardiology, neurology and all other activity requiring assistance for decision-making in medical imagery.

The investment by FIER Croissance Durable s.e.c. and FIER Innovation Durable s.e.c enables the company to continue its product development work and initiate its pre-commercial start-up process.

For more information:
Jean-Pierre Robert, president director general
116 Principale Street, suite 200
Granby (Quebec) J2G 2V2
Telephone : 450-956-3456
Fax : 450-991-3456
E-mail : JP.Robert@CadensImaging.com
Web site : www.cadensimaging.com

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