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Éric Simoneau
MOTION COMPOSITES was created in 2004. The mission of the company is to conceive, develop, manufacture and commercialise ultra-light wheelchairs using the latest composite materials technologies. MOTION COMPOSITES owns all the intellectual property rights and has a trademark on this innovation which solves the important mobility problems and health of its users. A host of inconveniences, from restricted mobility to degenerative illnesses are caused by wheelchairs that are too heavy and which affect more than 75% of patients. With the help of both its in-house team and outside professional contributors, MOTION COMPOSITES has positioned itself to become the first manufacturer to use composite materials technology to penetrate the folding wheelchair mass market.

MOTION COMPOSITES, in May 2009, received the prize for distinction in engineering innovation from the Québec order of Engineers.

The investment by FIER Croissance Durable enables MOTION COMPOSITES to continue and perfect its product development work in addition to supporting the beginning of its commercialisation efforts started in the summer of 2008. The FIER Croissance Durable actively participates in all the steps linked to product development, manufacturing and commercialisation in addition to helping the company in its strategic orientation and financial engineering.

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Éric Simoneau, president
519, J-Oswald Forest, suite 101
Saint-Roch-de-l'Achigan (Quebec) J0K 3H0
Telephone : 450-588-6555
Fax : 450-588-0200
E-mail : info@motioncomposites.com
Web site : www.motioncomposites.com

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