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Guy Laliberté
ODOTECH specialises in managing industrial odours. The company has fined-tuned solutions for measuring and managing odours which helps save money for industries while better managing their odours. Thanks to a network of electronic smell sensors, the OdoWatch® technology detects in real time the odours that surround a site and acts to solve the problem. Founded in 1998, the company today boasts some 50 employees and offers its solutions in about 20 countries.

The specialists at ODOTECH deliver services and provide advice for controlling odours to different municipalities, landfill and compost site operators, manufacturing plants and waste water treatment plants and others. The Ville de Boucherville in the province of Québec adopted its new by-laws on malodorous nuisances, a first in the world, thanks to a new automated tracking tool developed by ODOTECH.

Odour impact studies, odour management plans, characterisation of odour by olfactory and chemical analysis, modelisation of the atmospheric dispersing of odours, are but a part of ODOTECH\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s palette of services.

The investment by FIER Innovation Durable s.e.c. permits the company to continue with its development and commercialisation the plan to become a world leader in the management of olfactory nuisances.

For more information:
Thierry Pagé, president director general
3333, Queen Mary, Bureau 301
Montreal (Québec) H3V 1A2
Telephone: (514) 340-5250
E-mail: info@odotech.com
Web site : www.odotech.com

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