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Recyclage EcoSolutions inc
Alain Boissonneault
Recyclage EcoSolutions inc. is a young company which began its operations in the spring of 2008 and which specialises in the dismantling and recycling of refrigerators and freezers in addition to recovering and managing the CFC component to the maximum degree possible. In this way, Recyclage EcoSolutions inc. is becoming a leader in the management of the substances that threaten the ozone layer and contribute to the Greenhouse Gas Effect (GGE).

An efficiently operating plant that is unique in North America permits the company to recycle more than 96% of a refrigerator. The company also has forged a partnership with an American enterprise, JACO Environmental, opening the door for it to be active in both Canada and the American northeast.

The investments by FIER Croissance Durable s.e.c. and FIER Innovation Durable s.e.c have helped the company realise its first technological window by adapting the technology to the North American context and obtaining the applicable CO credits and put into place its development plan for the Canadian and New England markets.

For information:
Alain Boisvert, president
E-mail: alain.boisvert.ca@videotron.ca
Web site : www.recyclageeco.com

Head office:
1000, rue du Haut-Bois N.,
Sherbrooke (Québec) J1N 3V4
Telephone: (819) 829-1469
Fax: (819) 829-2909

1st floor 3700, avenue Francis-Hughes
Laval (Québec) H7L 5A9
Telephone: (450) 668-3299
Fax: (450) 668-5812

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