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Nathalie Nasserie
Bleu Lavande is a company producing lavender certified under international standards. The lavender essential oil is used to create a variety of products which are marketed throughout Quebec.

In addition, the Bleu Lavande is located in the picturesque village of Fitch Bay, south of Magog, proves to be a revelation in the Estrie region. This magnificent estate, which receives thousands of visitors annually, offers scents and incomparable scenery in the province of Quebec.

The investments by FIER Croissance Durable s.e.c. and FIER Innovation Durable s.e.c. allows the company to restart its activities and allow its many fans to enjoy its unique products.

For more information:
France Gervais, General Manager
1875 Industriel boulevard, local B
Magog (Quebec)   J1X 5N4
Telephone : 888-876-5851
E-mail : info@bleulavande.ca
Web site: www.bleulavande.ca

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