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Axes Network
Earl Hall
Axes network was founded in 2005. The company based in Sherbrooke developed management solutions for security and automated payment machines in casinos and gambling halls by offering cashless gaming solutions.

Their main products are smart payment cards, different types of card readers and reloader as well as POS Stations that enable the client to communicate instantly with Axes Network off-site servers.

The company?s easy to implement and secure products help their client to increase their revenue while reducing their operational cost

Not only Axes Network manage the payment management, but the can also help their clients accounting while measuring financial aspects as well as the machine performance and the players stats.

Axes Network?s mission is to offer its products and services not only in Canada and the United States, but also in Latin America as well as in the rest of the world.

The investment FIER Innovation Durable s.e.c. has allowed the company to proceed with the hiring of additional staff to help the development of their technology and explore new markets.

For more information:
Serge Beaudoin, COO
410 Pepin Street
Sherbrooke (Quebec) J1L 2Y8
Telephone : 819-565-2204
Fax : 819-340-1480
E-mail : sales@axesnetwork.com
Website : www.axesnetwork.com

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