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Jean Nolet
ÉcoRessources is a senior advisory firm headquartered in Quebec City focused on providing services to a global clientele in the fields of sustainability strategy, climate change, environmental markets, energy, natural resource economics and agrifood.

ÉcoRessources distinguishes itself by offering services tailored for the design of government policy as well as for actors targeted by those policies. The public sector will benefit from its advisory on the design and the impacts of policy and strategy. To the private companies customers, ÉcoRessources provides support for the implementation of green investments, including the tools to track and measure the impacts post implementation.

ÉcoRessources is recognized in the carbon market as a pioneer and active player globally. In the economics of natural resources, agrifood and energy sectors, the company is recognized at a more regional level in eastern Canada.

The thirty employee firm was established in 2004 and since then has grown to establish additional offices in Quebec City, Montreal and Peru, as well as a presence in Europe, the Caribbean and Central America.

The investment by FIER Croissance Durable s.e.c. enables the company to more effectively consolidate its operations and fulfill its growth ambitions.

For more information:
Jean Nolet, President
825, Raoul-Jobin
Québec (Québec) G1N 1S6
Telephone : (418) 780-0158
Fax : (418) 877-6763
Email : quebec@ecoressources.com
Web site : www.ecoressources.com

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