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Lumca ISO 9001
Jean-Rock Fournier
Lumca is a certified ISO 9001 company that was founded in 1990 in Ste-Foy, Quebec. Its mission is to manufacture a wide range of decorative and functional lighting fixtures for the North American market.

Lumca focuses its efforts in designing custom fixtures to suit the needs and requirements of its customers. In fact, the company provides design outdoor lighting products to meet adequately the growing needs of lighting professionals for more flexible and efficient products.

In addition, during the design, the choice of materials and the manufacturing processes, Lumca maintains high quality standards. Their products are tested and certified by independent laboratory to meet national and international standards governing the industry such as: UL, CSA, IESNA and more.

Lumca reputation is based on the construction quality of its products that exceed industry standards as well as its willingness to innovate.

The investment by FIER Innovation Durable s.e.c. permitted the company to set up a strategy that guarantees the operational relief of the company and the development of its growth plan.

For more information:
Yves Deschamps, President-General manager
Dennis Dion, VP business development,
Sales & marketing
2645-A, Watt Street
Québec (Quebec) G1P 3T2
Telephone : 877-650-1693
Fax : 418-650-1896
Website : www.lumca.com

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