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PTI - Narcomedic
Pierre Foucher
In 2007, Planning Technologies International Inc. (PTI) has established a division, PTI Med for the marketing of a centralized automated dispensing drugs to health facilities, the Narcomedic.

The Narcomedic, the first of its kind, is dedicated primarily to the management of narcotics, but can, and should, be used for the management and distribution of medicines are common in hospitals. PTI aims to reduce the incidence of serious medical errors through improved security and management controls of narcotics.

The PTI solution allows the distribution, packaging and identification for each individual care unit while using the same system.

The investment by FIER Innovation Durable s.e.c. allowed the company to continue its development and growth plan, by offering support for its commercialisation activities.

For more information:
Pierre Foucher, president
2200 de la Sidbec South Street
Trois-Rivières (Quebec) G8Z 4H1
Telephone : 866-634-1953
Fax : 819-373-0163
E-mail : info@narcomedic.com
Web site : www.narcomedic.com

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