The philosophy of private investment fund managers

The philosophy of private investment fund managers In the majority of cases, the simple act of financing in money alone cannot guarantee the success of the business plan. It is therefore most important to be able to count on appropriate experience and know-how as well as on sound and sustained professional help.

CorpoSana Capital sets itself apart because it offers more than capital financing to companies. Our willingness and our concern for establishing a solid business relationship with company managers helps contribute an inestimable added value to the eventual bottom line.

Support that’s real
Our entire team seriously takes to heart the success of the companies in which it invests. Because of this, the members of our team and our collaborators may be called in to offer advice on:

  • preparing a development, commercialisation, export, consolidation and acquisition strategy;
  • setting up the partnerships;
  • looking for additional financing;
  • obtaining R and D credits;
  • managing intellectual property issues, R and D contracts and innovation ;
  • recruiting qualified management staff;
  • take-over of files and management buy-outs (MBO);
  • communications and – marketing strategies;
  • strategic planning with management;
  • board of directors and management committee issues.

By making available its human capital and its important business network, CorpoSana Capital guarantees the best opportunity for success to your company.

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