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We called on the services of FIER Innovation Durable s.e.c. right from the very beginning of our search for financial help. The rapid response of this investor to understand our needs, to put itself in our place regarding our situation and then come back with a serious offer was, for us at BALNEA spa, vital in the overall success of the transaction. In addition, FIER showed itself to be quite flexible, patient and most understanding about certain critical elements of our transaction.

For these reasons, we consider FIER Innovation Durable s.e.c. to be a real financial partner and we would not hesitate to present them with another strategic project in the future.

Denis Laframboise, président
Motion composites
Motion Composites has now been doing business with the team at FIER Croissance Durable (FCD) for more than two years. Our company was still at the start-up stage when our partnership began with FCD. We were seeking a financial partner to help us launch the manufacture and introduction to market of our innovative product which at the time was no more than a virtual prototype. The professionals at FIER believed in our project and we were able to put a considerable financial package in place thanks to their injection of capital. Our young management team got far more than simple financial support from FIER in the process; they got to collaborate with a team of seasoned business professionals who never hesitated to make available their vast knowledge and network of contacts. FCD, therefore, shouldered our company through the various start-up phases that are associated with the medical high-tech industry: prototyping and testing benches, certification and accreditation and manufacture and commercialization. With them, we were always able to benefit from specialised collaboration to help us surmount the numerous challenges that are usually in the way of growth.

Our relationship with FCD is better described as being the beneficiary of a coaching situation than merely dealing with a financial company. In an industry that is enjoying robust growth, it is reassuring that we can count on a dynamic financial partner that is capable of reacting so quickly.

"The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore.

It will be the fast beating the slow." Rupert Murdoch

It takes much more than capital to succeed today and we are of the firm belief that the expertise and support of FCD makes all the difference.

Éric Simoneau, président
Led by its dynamic partners, CorpoSana Capital makes available to our organization experienced managers, a network of contacts and strategic advice which support our international development.

Thierry Pagé, président
As a former wall street venture capitalist I have dealt with VC on both sides of the table. Never have I meet a team like the FIER; not only do they provide financing so basic to the VC concept, but also a true understanding of business and promotion, as well as a compassion for problems and mistakes that come along the way. This attributes are often talked about within the VC community but seldom found – not so at this FIER where you find the best of the VC world coming together with the best of the business world.

Peter Pascali, president
Relief tool: Without the help of the FIER, I would never have had the opportunity to become an associate/owner of a business. I am not personally qualified to raise the needed capital and prepare an adequate business plan. In addition, I didn’t even have the time to look for a business to buy and even then I wouldn’t have known where to start.

Mentorship: The members/managers of FIER are people who have a great deal of experience in company management and acquisitions. They act as guides as much at the micro level as at the macro and this helps us learn from them without making the same errors they did earlier in their respective careers. The partners mentor you along the way at no cost and they are always available. And the management committee and board of directors is a good way to learn.

Leverage effect: Since FIER invests in several companies, the business links with the different partners (lawyers, accountants, R&D, bankers, etc.) and the volume effect help us obtain better conditions in terms of cost and expertise than if we were going to the well alone.

Transparence and professionalism: The group of people who we do business with always talk about the long-term and the continuity of the business. There is no short-term profitability at any price as the traditional venture capital firms would have you believe (in the Onex style which flips their acquisitions every three years). The message is open and transparent. While confidence reigns, the processes are in place to control what has to be controlled.

Liberty of action: As much as these people are there to support us, they still leave the daily management to us. They don’t stick their nose in at every turn but we still feel completely supported when we make our operational and commercial decisions.

Sébastien Daudelin, director general
transfert environnement
Our firm was the first to be supported by FIER Croissance Durable. We were also the first to buy back what we owed them. Our experience was very profitable in every sense of the term.

Cédric Bourgeois, président
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